Our Solutions


Point of Sale software is a powerful retail solution available on both Windows and Mac OS platforms. It can be accessed through traditional application as well as web application. It is fully integrated with the GenAcc application. This means that Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Purchasing, Inventory control, Distribution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Payroll and Assets modules of GenAcc application are seamlessly integrated without data poling, data corruption or delays.

Retail Software

Manage all your retail operations in a centralized system with Yew Technologies GST “GenAcc” Software. From Purchse to selling it manage 100% Inventory Management.Software has Barcode Facility that you can easily manage your selling and inventory. Stay on top of everything & increase your sales by attracting more customers.

Garment Software

For Garment Store or Shop, Yew Technologies is making GST “GENACC” software.GenAcc Software not only manages Inventory very accurently but it also help in Accounting and Billing. Software Manage Inventory Like a Color Wise, Size Wise, Brand Wise etc. It also helps to be in touch with customers.

Salon & Spa Software

GenAcc GST-ready Salon management software that helps you to manage your Spa & Salon business easily. It is not only for tracking your inventory accurately. it also helps in accounting & billing. There are Difference Service Provided by Spa & Salon, i.e. Hair Tretment, Hair Cutting, Straightening, Facial, etc. Which can be Easily Categories in Softwrae. WHich help you Varient reports for respected Services. Also Storing Customers Data.SO, that later on We can be Called to Customer for it’s Respected Services.

Super Market

Supermarket management software is an application to help you manage and automate all your business operations like Sales, Purchase, Stock, Expiry, Offers, Loyalty Programs and Accounting. It lets you expand your business by helping you take timely decisions with complete reports on your business operations. The supermarket billing software performs fast billing offering faster checkouts to your customers. It records your customer’s data to analyse their purchase. It helps you make the right purchase with an increased margin. It also helps you have the right inventory without missing out a sale and helps with managing expiry. It serves your customers through multiple channels viz. mobile, laptop, to offer the best customer experience. It also enables you to run offers and loyalty programs that makes your store favourite and helps you manage complete expenses of your store.


Software support quick billing and stock reporting in an easy and varients way. Inventory like size-wise, color-wise,gender-wise,material-wise, trend-wise, etc…System support multiple type products with in-out technologies. this helps your footwear store top of the footwear industry.

Dairy Business

Directly supervise and coordinate activities of Retail Sales workers in an establishment or department. Duties may include management functions such as Purchasing, Budgeting, Accounting, and Personnel work in addition to supervisory duties. To manage all these activities, Yew technologies has developed Inventory Management Software. It also allows you to perform the managerial activities in an integrated manner.

Book Store

Book Depot/Shop Management software is a smart way to manage your bookstore in a systematic and efficient way. With the advancement in Information Technology and information-seeking behavior of users, bookstore managers need to keep pace with the quick delivery of book services and information. At GenAcc, we offer a vast range of modules related to Book Depot / Shop Management software that helps you manage and arrange the books category-wise (book, subject, writer, etc.). You can also manage the inventory levels and find the exact location of the book-rack through our software.

Computer Hardware/Software

The management of hardware and software assets has become much more complex since the days when the corporate user had one PC on the corporate The complexity is compounded by the increasing number of corporate users working on the road. To solve complexity Yew technology develop the “Genesis Management software.” Through this software, there are all hardware of computers which is internal or external and all types of software that can be easily managed.

Hardware Management Software

the complexities of the hardware retail and wholesale business model and gives its user a complete hardware shop solution with inventory management and accounting processes. For doing this all process “Yew Technology” develop “Genisis”software in this software customers can doing accounting, inventory management , client contact no all this process doing with eaily. And also able to attract new clients.

Wholesaler Software

Yew GenAcc software is perfectly designed for distributors, wholesale .so that you can run your whole business perfect, effective, and efficient way. Yew GenAcc provides the best supporting system for your wholesale business by providing time to time upgrades according to market needs. Varients MIS reports are provided by the system so, you can run your business very accurately. you can customize your invoice copy according to your needs.

Warehouse Software

A warehouse is a large building where raw materials or manufactured goods are stored until they are to be sold. even one to other warehouse transfer ,to make this process smooth and effectively GenAcc is playing a vital role as a system. Yew technologies develop Gst Gen Acc software with help of this software you can manage inventory and moniter transaction single handed. “GenAcc” is managing multiple warehouse at onetime.

Automobile Industry

The automobile industry has the biggest issue with managing their parts inventory in an efficient way, GenAcc comes with a unique part number feature to easily track automobiles parts stock. import facilities of the part number are the key features for the automobile industry. stock can be kept by different vehicle model wise. rack-wise items search also provide ease of part of the search. Vehicle-wise service history reports can be generated.

FMCG Software

Yew Technologies GST “GenAcc” accounting software is helping to manage inventory & add value to the businesses and ensure increased profits. Scheme wise module gives access to shape your products. barcode add-on helps you to give better performance of system and stock.

Electronic Appliances

A wide variety of electronic appliances have flooded the market like TV, Refrigerator, Mixer/Grinder, Smart Lights, Smart Fans, etc. Managing these products’ version, prices, inventory, and expenses can be a tedious activity. “Genisis”, an indigenously developed software by Yew Technologies is exactly what you need to manage it seamlessly.

Chemical Industry

The chemical industry has a complex set of processes and operations. An organization engaged in the manufacturing of chemicals and their derivatives has to deal with their inventories, price, raw material purchase, suppliers, dealers, etc. To handle this complicated process, Yew Technologies has developed “GenAcc”, a software which lets you perform all these complex activities smoothly.

Grocery Store

A one-stop solution to manage your complete Supermarket is GST “GenAcc” software. It’s Doing GST Billing & Return Filing, Easily and Perfect Inventory Management, Inventory also manage, categorize, differentiate through Barcode also. The transaction was done securely & Different types of Payment modes were available. It helps to Increase Productivity & Easy to understand the process.

Ayurvedic Store

Using GenAcc Software you can manage your product’s stock batch-wise, manufacturing date wise and expiry date-wise. Also, Batch wise managing sales rate. Various discount structures to manage your Retail or wholesale sales. You can generate batch-wise your sales reports.

Ceramic Industry

With GenAcc ERP software for ceramics manufacturing industries, business owners can manage operations easily and, optimize the operations to reduce stock value, waste, ensure parallelly perform many production strategies for different types of orders.GenAcc ERP helps to do operations such as costing, multiple SKUs management, quality controls, batch management, supply chain efficiency, pricing controls, discounts.

Hardware & Plywood Store

Yew Technologies is making a GST “GenAcc” software. “GenAcc” software helps to manage your store and shop. It’s tracking your orders and managing inventory very accurately not only this but it also helps in accounting and GST billing. There is inventory that can manage by different categories, it’s also managed through peace, Metter, and in Sq.ft management is also done by “GenAcc” software. It also helps to be in touch with customers.

Furniture Store

“GenAcc” GST software is a furniture management software that helps you to manage your furniture business efficiently. It manages inventory and billing for the furniture business. Besides inventory, it also helps in accurate accounting & billing.

Color Industry

Manage all your color inventories in a centralized system with Yew Technologies “GenAcc” GST Software. From purchasing colors to inventory management – everything in one software. You can manage inventory of colors and it’s production. This helps in managing Sales and increasing customers by improving your relationships with customers.

Building Materials

Building materials include a lot of items. The list includes, but is not limited to, Cement, Iron rod, Sand, Safety net, Plywood, Bamboos, Hardware like hammer, drilling machine, etc. Managing the price, stock, Client names, etc for all these items can be very time consuming. “Genisis”, a software introduced by Yew technologies handles all these processes for you seamlessly allowing you to focus on growing your business.