SMS Gateway

Yew SMS Gateway for Business is an SMS Gateway dedicated to the provision of text-messaging solutions for the business community.
We are a well-established SMS Gateway, acting as a single point of access to the wireless world, and pride ourselves on being able to satisfy the text-messaging needs and wants of businesses in the most affordable manner.


5,000 SMS UNITS 10,000 SMS UNITS 20,000 SMS UNITS 50,000 SMS UNITS 1,00,000 SMS UNITS 1,50,000 ONWARDS
₹1,250 + GST
₹2,400 + GST
₹4,400 + GST ₹10,000 + GST ₹19,000 + GST ₹27,000 + GST
Rate- 0.25p/SMS Rate- 0.24p/SMS Rate- 0.22p/SMS Rate- 0.20p/SMS Rate- 0.19p/SMS Rate- 0.18p/SMS
Validity: 1 Year Validity: 1 Year Validity: 1 Year Validity: 1 Year Validity: 1 Year Validity: 1 Year
  • 1 Text SMS = 160 Characters.
  • SMS for Indian Mobile Numbers & Indian Citizens only. The Panel can be used from anywhere in the World.
  • We request you to kindly do not send Promotional SMS to DND or NDNC Enabled Mobile Numbers in India.
  • Please note that SMS Credits will be added to your account only after the confirmation of receipt of payment at our end.
  • Sender ID is currently available only for Promotional Services. Marketing SMS will deliver with an Operator assigned sender ID e.g. WEBSMS
  • Sender ID (For Transactional SMS Service only) can have maximum & minimum of 6 Alphabets Only. No Special Characters or Numeric are allowed .
  • As per TRAI Instructions, Bulk SMS/VMS may not be delivered to NDNC Mobile/Landline Numbers.