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Navsari’s  Leading and Best GenAcc GST accounting software is an integrated software that helps client to manage and administer his/her business without hassle. This integrated software helps client’s business to manage Accounts and Inventory. Client can effectively manage their warehouse with minimal stock level and less financial investments. GST Accounts Software can manage your business financial needs and keeps you GST compliant, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments.

Generate Quick Reports,invoices , Vouchers on the go and one click . Filling, Reporting, Invoicing is now easy with Navsari’s well known  GST Accounting Software

*to know more about Goods and Service Tax.

What makes Yewtec GenAcc GST Accounting Software the best in Navsari ?

GST Ready Invoicing

Now, create GST Ready invoices and reports for your business. Now filing GST will be always easy.

Inventory Management ( Stock Clearance)

Generate Stock Ledger, Stock List, Stock Flow, Stock Level Maintenance report

Customized Quick Reports

Generate multiple reports or customized reports that matters for your business in just one click.

Key Features

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Restaurant Management System
Hotel/ Motel Software
School Management System

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