Content Writing

Today every business is  in competition with other business in their niche. To be better than other you need different content or different style of writing that makes user stuck to your business. As we all know by now that  “CONTENT IS KING IN THE WORLD OF MARKETING” . As Digital Marketing has replaced old school or traditional marketing being must needed for any business to make their presence felt on large internet. Small Startup now a days uses service like content writing and speed up their to become big company.

Content writing is an art and a skill that should be mastered in today’s world because people are looking for content, everyone knows the Internet now and you have to attract them. Every firm, every advertisement we see and every other product focuses on creating attractive content, it’s a new strategy that can induce more customers, readers, and the public. Google is updated its algorithms and according to that content has the most value than anything in a website or any content inside the Internet.


Web Content

Content specifically curated for your website


  • Technical Writing
  • Writing fresh content for your business niche
  • Optimized as per SEO guidelines
  • Headings and Sub Headings
  • Short Sentences and Paragraphs

Branded Content

Content tailored as per your requirements to increase traffic flows.


  • Blogs
  • Informative writing
  • Feedback
  • Topic Content
  • Infographic
  • Tips & How to Writing


Articles for niche specific business to increase visitors and traffic


  • Articles
  • Ghost Writing
  • Guest Posting
  • Articles to boost ranking
  • Keyword Target writing
  • Informative Articles

Social Media

Your Social Media Presence : Bio, Description, About Us


  • Bio about your business
  • Description about niche
  • Post caption
  • Reply to Feedback
  • Ads Description
  • Status & Headlines


A perfect description of your product


  • Product specification
  • Product Description
  • Technical Writing
  • Guidelines( how to use)
  • Ecommerce
  • Shop description and policies


Convert your regional language text into English


  • Gujarati to English Translation
  • Hindi to English Translation
  • Content in Gujarati that need to translated to English for web content
  • Gujarati Audio to English

Why Content Writing Is Key ?

Website content writing must be clear, concise and effective. Potential customers often only spend a few seconds looking at a page, and your content needs to be fluff-free and able to grab their attention. This is why the Yew Technologies is always ready to prepare site-specific engaging and top quality content.

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